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Fighting For Auto Accident Victims In Clarkesville

After an auto accident, you are dealing with a number of serious issues. In addition to the physical recovery, you will have significant medical bills, concerns about how you will return to work, concerns about lost wages, and potentially serious emotional distress. At a time like this, you need a team of attorneys who can handle your legal claim and fight to protect your rights in the courtroom.

At Hotard & Hise, we bring more than 30 years of combined experience to bear on every motor vehicle accident claim we handle. Our attorneys have helped many clients in your situation. In simple cases and the most catastrophic accident claims, we have built a track record of successful verdicts and settlements in Clarkesville, Georgia, and the surrounding area.

An Aggressive Approach To Auto Accident Claims

Although many auto accident cases can be settled out of court without having to go to trial, it takes an aggressive trial lawyer to persuade the insurance company to treat you fairly. Because of our firm’s track record for successfully trying cases, the other side knows we will be ready to try the case in court. This gives us a much stronger position in negotiations. Our trial record and our commitment to always be prepared for trial makes us much more likely to obtain out-of-court settlements for our clients.

There are times when the other side will not make an acceptable offer. When this happens, our attorneys are excellent litigators in auto accident and other personal injury matters. Our lawyers are known as bulldogs in the courtroom, with a reputation for meticulous case preparation and relentless advocacy for our clients.

Whether through negotiations or litigation, we will get you the compensation you deserve for the injuries and losses you have sustained.

Contact Hotard & Hise For An Initial Consultation

We offer an initial consultations and we take injury claims on contingency. So there is no financial risk to you in discussing your claim with an attorney from our firm. Call us at 1-706-754-0985 or email us to discuss your case.