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Ways to help keep motorcycle riders safe this summer

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Personal Injury |

The roadways can be a dangerous place for motorcycles who may be more vulnerable than other types of vehicles on the roadways. The safety of motorcycles is important and everyone’s responsibility to care for on the roadways.

There are some easy ways drivers of passenger vehicles and other types of vehicles can help keep motorcycle riders safe. There are also important legal resources available to motorcycle accident victims injured by a negligent or careless driver who failed to take their safety seriously.

Tips drivers should follow to help keep motorcyclists safe include:

  • Take a second look for motorcycles – the most common cause of motorcycle accidents is drivers turning in front of motorcycles, failing to yield the right of way to them. Drivers should take a second look for motorcycles when making a left-hand turn. In addition, drivers should always remain alert, focused and attentive while driving and should never engage in distracted driving for the safety of motorcyclists and others.
  • Increase stopping distance – motorcycle riders require more time to respond to changing roadway conditions that may be due to unexpected or sudden changes in traffic, weather or the roadway itself. Drivers of passenger and other vehicles should increase their following distance when following a motorcycle to given them the time to respond to driving changes they need.
  • Allow motorcycle riders the space they need – motorcycle riders need their full lane of travel to navigate unexpected roadway challenges and drivers should never try to encroach on that. Drivers should always allow motorcycles the space they need to operate and never try to share a lane with them.

Taking these simple steps can help keep motorcycle riders safe on the roadways. Additionally, when drivers fail to take these precautions, and violate a motorcycle’s right of way, lane of travel to closely to a motorcycle, they may be considered negligent and responsible for the damages suffered by the motorcycle accident victim if they are injured in an accident caused by the driver.

As a result, drivers should take motorcycle safety seriously and do their part to keep motorcycle riders safe. Injured motorcyclists should also be aware that personal injury legal protections can help them recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages suffered in a motorcycle accident.