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Understanding the risks reckless drivers present to motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Personal Injury |

The world is teeming with motorcycle enthusiasts. The reasons for this are clear. There is no substitute for the pleasure of rolling down the road on a revving beauty.

Even so, there is a tradeoff for enjoying this freedom. One always assumes the risk of an irresponsible driver creating an accident. Innocent hog masters are perpetually in danger of suffering a personal injury deserving compensation.

Fire and chemical burns

Motorists colliding into motorcycles could spark a leak in the gas tank. The biker could wind up lying unconscious in a pool of gasoline. All it would take is a tiny spark to set off a fire.

The batteries of motorcycles are similarly vulnerable. When one ruptures, it spills corrosive chemicals that also burn. Should these substances touch eyes, blindness can result.

Road rash

Motorcycles that get hit are likely to drag their operators along the pavement. As this happens, large chunks of skin may get lost. Skin grafts are necessary when these incidents are severe. Protective clothing can help protect against this frightening outcome.

Broken bones

Pelvis fractures are common when automobiles strike two-wheeled vehicles. Likewise, wrist injuries prove frequent. Motorcyclists naturally try to protect their faces by breaking falls using their hands. In some cases, spines snap, which can lead to paralysis.

No motorcycling aficionado should give up riding because reckless drivers exist. They deserve to enjoy every moment they spend rolling down the road. Still, the negligence of another vehicle operator could cause them harm. When this happens, a lawsuit is sometimes the best response.